About Us


Our story began in Ireland back in 2018, & ever since we’ve been striving to redefine what a car community stands for. We do this by constantly raising the bar for an elevated event experience in a safe environment, while connecting our community with some of the rarest cars on the planet.
Working with our charity partners, local small businesses and powered by our generous sponsors, we organize the highest quality automotive events anyone has ever seen. Rather than focusing solely on profits, our goal is to provide everyone with access to social network of like minded car enthusiasts, while attempting to solve social issues in our area through a stress free environment.
We do this by setting a standard for events for the rest of the greater car community to follow, that includes partnering with law enforcement, business owners, and government officials to take responsibility for your actions, and provide access to opportunities that could change the lives of others one event at a time.
- Beyond City Limits ☘️ -