The future of our community

While we really enjoyed cars and cocktails yesterday in Monterey, we really missed the interaction with everyone that we usually have at our events.


After months of trying to work with multiple businesses, cities, and state departments it’s clear there’s an issue with the mass scale events we host. We’ve been trying to overcome the issue by exploring new event formats, layouts and areas in the Bay Area, but we haven’t been able to come up with a concrete solution yet. To put it simply, no one wants to take the liability risk of having hundreds of cars come to their property.


The event formats we’re left with come at the price of limiting the amount of cars that can attend, and we sometimes have to work with the image the venue wants, but we always try find locations with access to a lot of parking close by to maximize access for everyone. If you look at any other major event, and walk through the parking lots you’ll almost always find another entire car show within the parking lots.


Since everyone’s safety is the first and main objective of any event we do, we simply cannot host events where people have access to display acts of selfishness, carelessness and complete disregard for everyone’s safety. If someone burns out, puts others in danger or worst case scenario hits another vehicle/ person, we are liable for paying any damages to the city, the businesses affected or get charged with cleaning up the mess left behind. We really appreciate your patience while we continue to come up with a solution to this problem, and please know we have no forgotten about our roots!


The free events we’ve provided to this community for 3.5 years have cost us time, effort and money and nothing in life is free, but we do this for the love of the community we’ve built and not to make a profit. We’ve launched merchandise, try to sell stickers, etc. simply to simply cover the cost of hosting these events for the community. We never expect anyone to pay for the events we host, but we hope you understand this isn’t a zero sum game, and any funds we receive are directly reinvested back into the community. Beyond City Limits is a community, and we will continue to be so into the future, but please help us by sharing your support at times when we need it!


We have not abandoned this community, we’re simply trying to establish an event format where we can continue to host events at the level of quality you come to expect from us!!


If you have any suggestions, or know of any business owners willing to let us use their locations without us having to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket, please feel free to share!


- Beyond City Limits -

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