BCL X TPS Chinatown SF Car Show 2022

September 24 & 25th 11am- 4pm

Check in 8am- 9:30am

We are proud to team up with TPS motorsports for their annual Chinatown Car Show on Sept 24 & 25. We’re shutting down 6 blocks of the historical district for an event like no other!

For those who didn't attend last years event, you don't miss out on this years one! All proceeds after expenses will go towards small businesses and charities of Chinatown San Francisco. We’re proud to be working with the non-profits Be Chinatown, American Chinese Herb Trade Association, and the Chinatown History & Culture Association. Our goal is to raise $100,000 to help people and businesses in need.

Registration for the car show is $100 per car and you can sign up for either Saturday, Sunday, or both.

Participation in the car show will be limited to 150 cars (75 cars per day). Every participant will given a free ticket to the Bruce Lee exhibit at Chinese Historical Society of America, and you’ll receive a book with your car, and event info to memorialize the day.


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